Swiss Made UK Fake Zenith Chronomaster Open Cohiba 55th Anniversary Edition Watch

Fidel Castro smoked his cigars with a Rolex GMT-Master and a gold Datejust on the same wrist. Winston Churchill had a Breguet rattrapante minute repeater pocket watch close at hand. Zenith replica doesn’t need a revolutionary or a statesman to make the cigar/watch connection, it does so all by itself. And has been doing so since 2016 when Zenith created a special El Primero Cohiba chronograph for the cigar brand’s 50th anniversary. Five years later the luxury fake Zenith Chronomaster Open Cohiba 55th Anniversary Edition watch debuts.

The fact that cigar smokers, no matter how famous they are, wear watches is nothing to write about. What is interesting though is the fact that both high-end cigars and high horology watches are artisanal products; examples of exquisite craftsmanship. High-quality first-class materials too. And it takes a lot of time, effort, dedication, and skill, to either hand-roll a cigar or to assemble a complicated watch.

It’s not just Zenith that sees the connection between cigars and watches, and, perhaps more importantly, the overlap between cigar aficionados and watch connoisseurs. For instance, Hublot made a cigar-themed watch with engraved tobacco leaves on the case and bezel. And independent ArtyA used real tobacco leaves for the dial in its Son of Earth Tobacco Collection. Zenith didn’t explore the world of cigar materials. Therefore, the stainless steel case copy Zenith Chronomaster Open Cohiba 55th Anniversary Edition watch shows its link to Cohiba more conservatively through the use of color.
Zenith Chronomaster Open Cohiba 55th Anniversary Edition Watch
2021 marks the year of Cohiba’s 55th anniversary. It is safe to say that Cohiba is one of the most distinguished and revered Cuban cigar makers. Zenith super clone joins the celebration with an exclusive commemorative edition of the Chronomaster Open, the Cohiba 55th Anniversary Edition, a limited edition of 55 pieces with a price of €9,700.
Cohiba’s signature saffron yellow color together with the design codes of the packaging and paper bands that wrap its hand-rolled cigars, reflect in the dial of the new Chronomaster Open. As a result, the combination of yellow and white on a black checkered motif will immediately ring a bell with passionate cigar smokers. A yellow chronograph seconds hand with a star-shaped counterweight and a black alligator leather strap complete the look. It’s a look that clearly says “Havanna” or “Cuba libre” if you’re having a glass of rum and coke with your cigar and chronograph.
The quality copy Zenith Chronomaster Cohiba 55th Anniversary Edition (ref. 03.2041.4061/55.C496) will be available at Zenith boutiques and select retailers around the world from October of this year.

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