1:1 Best Fake TAG Heuer Temporada Chronograph Watch UK With Red-Orange-Cream Dial

Although the dials came in various color combinations that weren’t always pleasing (to put it diplomatically), this red-orange-cream variation from Mike’s collection truly ticks all the striking boxes. The metallic lume hands match the applied and robust markers perfectly, giving the dial a robust edge. The red maroon and cream combination is both elegant and disturbing, a perfect embodiment of the racing spirit for me.

Fake TAG Heuer Temporada Chronograph Watch For Men

It is very striking in comparison to the perfect replica TAG Heuer line-up. The neon orange chronograph hands seals the deal. A true ’70s design gem that does passionate justice to the Temporada Formula races held in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the late 1940s through the early 1950s.

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