Three Experts Weigh In On The High Quality UK Replica Patek Philippe 5524G Calatrava Pilots Travel Time

Way back at Baselworld 2015, Patek Philippe replica launched a travel time-equipped Calatrava that took much of the Patek enthusiast base by surprise. Offered (at the time) exclusively in white gold and measuring 42mm wide, the blue dial fake Patek Philippe Calatrava ref.5524G was a spin on some vintage pilot’s watches made by Patek in the 1930s with luminous Arabic numerals and a pilot-inspired handset over a deep matte blue dial sporting Patek’s clever travel time complication.

With trick locking crowns and a brown leather strap, immediate feedback was polarizing so, for this “Letter To The Editor”-style post from April of 2015, we spoke to a trio of bonafide Patek experts (including our own Ben Clymer) to get their thoughts on this unexpected and vintage-inspired design. Now, some five years later, the Patek Philippe replica with white gold case has proven to be a popular model for the brand – so where did the experts land back in 2015? Click below to find out.

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