Enjoy The Beauty Of Bronze – UK Luxury Replica Watches With Bronze Cases

Many watch brands are crazy about the feeling of retro style. They not only imitate the style, but also the material. The bronze, which seems to be with sense of the age, has been favored by many famous watch brands. The highlight feature of such a distinctive material is that it will produce a very different copper pattern after the corrosion of sweat and environment. Here I will introduce two classic fake watches with bronze cases.


The bronze case and blue dial look very distinctive and harmonious.

Panerai Knockoff Watch With Blue Dial

Panerai copy watch with brown leather strap features a blue dial and bronze case, which looks very vintage and charming. The impression Panerai leaves on people is strong, bold and robust. While this timepiece exudes a distinctive style which looks very gentle.


The integrated design of this Tudor is elegant and fascinating.

Vintage Tudor Imitation Watch

Tudor knockoff watch with dark brown dial brings us to the old time with its vintage style and charming design. The brown NATO strap and bronze case add the sense of retro style perfectly.

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