Let’s Continue The Interview With David Cerrato – Creative Director And Manager Of Watchmaking Department Of UK Replica Montblanc

Last week we shared a part of the content of the interview with David Cerrato, and today we will continue.

5, As the person in charge of Montblanc watches, what is the biggest challenge you are facing?

Davide: Montblanc is such a strong brand and Minerva has true relationship with the watchmaking history. We must tell the brand’s story better, and build the unique relationship between the past and the present, meanwhile, promoting people’s desire to purchase the goods. Montblanc is not only the sport brand. I will treat the luxury fake watch itself as the most important part of the business and now our work is going smoothly.

The Montblanc makes David Cerrato look charming and gentle.

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6, If Montblanc wants to enter the high-end watchmaking field, what else do you need to do now?

Davide: We need a top product. As you said, advanced products must appear on territory of high-end watches. For me, the 1858 collection Geosphere watch is such a product for us. The black dial copy Montblanc 1858 watch appearance is very special for there are two rotating globes. Although it is completely new, it looks very retro. Unlike other products, the 1858 Geosphere watch is inspired by my early Montblanc watches, relating the brand to mountaineering and outdoor sports. Named after a mountain, this watch is designed for modern explorers who are keen to explore the world and pays tribute to true mountain climbers who have vowed to complete the “Seven Peaks of the World” challenge.

There are two rotating globes on the black dial which is is inspired by his early Montblanc watches, relating the brand to mountaineering and outdoor sports.

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7, If you can say something to people who will only buy TAG Heuer, Rolex, Omega and Tudor, watch will you say?

Davide: I will say if you want something that is recognizable, then it is right to persist your old habit. If you want something new, some new thoughts from us that the connoisseurs appreciate, then i will encourage you to see what we have done. I think you will not be disappointed with the discount Montblanc imitation watches.

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