Interview With David Cerrato – The Creative Director And Manager Of Watchmaking Department Of Replica Montblanc UK

In 2015, David Cerrato took charge of the newly established Montblanc Watchmaking Department. As the product director of Montblanc, he has kept working hard to create the products he believes that should be produced, perfectly conveying the spirit of the brand. Not long ago, I was honored to have the opportunity to interview Davide. Today I will unveil the part of interview with Davide. I believe many questions about him and Montblanc can be answered here.

1, We know you are from Rolex family. As the watch lover of antique chronograph, Montblanc released a TimeWalker chronograph with a “panda dial”, is this model inspired by the Rolex Ref.6263?

Davide: The “Panda dial” of Rolex is very famous but it is not exclusively belonged to Rolex. Many brands have designed its models with such the distinctive dial. It is a style of design and of course not limited to one brand. In fact, the Montblanc TimeWalker copy with black ceramic bezel is inspired by the models of Minerva.

The distinctive white panda dial is inspired by the racing world.

White Dial Montblanc TimeWalker Replica

2, Could you talk more about the movement of TimeWalker?

Davide: Montblanc is expected to become a complex sophisticated watchmaking company. We have three well-defined product lines- The products with the price range of about 3,000 Swiss francs will be used ETA and Sellita movements, from 3,000 to 10,000 Swiss francs, you will see the real self-manufactured movements. These are all industrialized products, which are entirely manufactured by the group in a large scale.

3, Is TimeWalker a modular chronograph or fully integrated?

Davide: It is very easy to produce the modular chronograph in such a price, but we want to do more complex things and now we do indeed do it by blending the Villeret concept.

The integrated design of this Montblanc is vintage and fascinating.

Brown Leather Strap Fake Montblanc

4, Take the time traveler as an example. Who is the target audience and how do you plan to make the product attract them?

Davide: The target audience of TimeWalker is widespread. Haven’t you found that people who like old-fashioned watches are cool? We have always focused on real products. I hope the watches are interesting enough, making them find the real connoisseurs. Because if you compare Montblanc fake with stainless steel case with other watch in a same price range, you will find they are better in many aspects.

It is not over, we will continue to discuss it next time. Please don’t forget it. Hope you will like the 43 mm knockoff watch with retro style.

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