Zhu Yi Long With His Luxury Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches UK With Stainless Steel Cases

The favorite wristwatches of Zhu Yi Long, the handsome actor, must be Patek Philippe. Among all the models of Patek Philippe, the favorite collection must be Nautilus. The sporty copy Patek Philippe watches are favored by many popular stars too.

The black leather strap adds an elegant touch on the sporty model.

Gray Dial Imitation Patek Philippe Nautilus

Patek Philippe Nautilus fake watch with black leather strap perfectly interprets the low key and luxury which are contradictory sometimes. It is said that Patek Philippe never sponsors any stars, so we conclude that it is his private watch.

The distinctive shape of the case is the iconic feature of Nautilus.

Patek Philippe Replica With Stainless Steel Bracelet

The second Patek Philippe is also from the family of Nautilus. The knockoff watch with blue dial features a stainless steel case which embodies the classic aesthetics and modern elegance excellently. By the way, the official price has been raised this year all over the world.

Besides Patek Philippe, he also likes Rolex. The casual clothes matches the sporty Rolex GMT-Master II very well.

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