Baume & Mercier Replica Watches Video. Clifton Perpetual Calendar

Replica Watches Reviews — Replica Buame & Mercier presents the Clifton Perpetual Calendar, an exquisite piece of high watchmaking – precise and beautiful.

The new Clifton Perpetual Calendar honors the astronomical observation and the celestial mechanics. Nestled within a 18K red gold case, this mechanism negotiates all the particularities of the Gregorian calendar with its 31, 30 or 28-day months and the periodic return of February 29th. To keep track of all the variations of the calendar, the Clifton Perpetual Calendar is endowed with a «mechanical memory» of 1461 days (four years), which animates the self-winding Vaucher 5401 movement within the cheap fake watches, designed from a Dubois Depraz 5100 Module.


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