Cheap Replica TAG Heuer La Carrera Panamericana

Replica Watches UK Art — TAG Heuer’s drivers Hilaire and Laura Damiron won the legendary race in Mexico.


La Carrera Panamericana 2016, sponsored and officially timed by TAG Heuer, kept all its intrigue, intensity, pressure and performance. Laura and Hilaire Damiron did a fantastic race and took the first place.

From the 13th to the 20th of October, 70 crews crisscrossed the country through the mountainous Mexican roads, the region of the Sierra Gorda, the State of Michoacán, the snowcapped Volcano and the Zacatecas region, offering to drivers and spectators breathtaking views. The route is certainly a challenge for both drivers and cars and not everybody reached the final line at Durango. Whether it was the mechanic or the mental that cracked, the legendary race did not fail to maintain its reputation of being the “ultimate road race”.

During the week the first position on the podium was a face to face between 2 amazing crews: Hilaire and Laura Damiron and Emilio Velasquez and Javier Marin. After 5 victories out of 7, Hilaire and Laura Damiron lifted the trophy of La Carrera Panamericana 2016 with the TAG Heuer Connected Watch on their wrist.

TAG Heuer created an exclusive Carrera Panamericana dial only available for the “TAG Heuer Connected” Swiss replica watches. The design showcases the original itinerary of the race, as well as Juan-Manuel Fangio’s car, famous car racing pilot who helped to create the legend as he participated to the race. This unique watch face is available through the TAG Heuer app on the Google Play Store.


With a 46 mm diameter, the design of the TAG Heuer Connected is primarily that of a true chronograph, with a case, back and lugs made from grade 2 titanium, a contemporary material ensuring the watch is lighter and more resistant to impacts than a traditional material. © TAG Heuer Fake Watches

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